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CVL (PN: 5587)


Valve seat lubricant and combustion enhancer.


One bottle [250 mls] to 20 litres [maximum] unleaded petrol for all motorsport applications.
Precise treatment levels should be determined by test bed experimentation.

Storage Instructions: Avoid strong direct light and heat

User Benefits

  • Enables older competition engines to run on unleaded fuel.
  • Provides similar flame front control as lead, thereby enabling engines to run more advanced ignition timing without danger of pre-ignition or detonation.
  • Proven chemistry protects against valve seat recession.
  • Mixes with leaded, unleaded, LRP and other fuels containing octane enhancing additives such as oxygenates, ethanol and MTBE.
  • Equally effective in modern engines fitted with knock sensors and catalytic convertors.

User Benefits

Use as a lead substitute to prevent valve seat recession.
Used by an increasing number of engine builders to compensate for the deterioration in pump fuel.

Typical Characteristics

Specific Gravity (at 15°C) 0.87
Flash Point (°C) >62
Colour Appearance Odour Pale Yellow liquid
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