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VSPe (PN: 7565)


A fuel treatment providing ethanol protection when using unleaded fuel. Also provides a lead replacement additive to prevent valve seat recession which can occur when using unleaded petrol.
Endorsed by FHBVC to protect against the corrosion effects of ethanol in modern fuel.
Note:- Does not contain any octane improver. (Please refer to VSPe Power Plus).


Recommended for all classic engines previously requiring leaded fuel now running on unleaded fuel and where an octane improver is not required. One 250ml bottle treats 40 litres of fuel.

User Benefits

  • Prevents fuel system corrosion helps protect components
  • Combats the adverse effects of ethanol in fuel
  • Carburettor anti-icing formula
  • Prevents valve seat recession when used with unhardened valve seats, contains anti oxidant to improve fuel life

Typical Characteristics

Specific Gravity (at 15°C) 0.813
Flash Point (°C) 75
Colour Appearance Odour Clear
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